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Nancy Payne Lewis MA MFT

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You Never Thought It Would End This Way
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Individual Counseling
Individual Counseling
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Couples Counseling
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Divorce Coaching

Nancy Payne Lewis MA MFT—Marriage & Family Therapist

Nancy has been licensed as a marriage therapist and family therapist since 1986. She works with individual adults, couples, adolescents, and children aged six and older. She is known for both her wisdom and her pragmatic approach to problem-solving in these areas.

Nancy Payne Lewis

About Nancy

For more than 30 years, Nancy Payne Lewis has supported people of all ages across San Francisco, CA. She worked as a custody mediator and evaluator for six years before moving to work in juvenile probation. It was in this setting that she saw first-hand the destruction that divorce can wreak on a family.

In her personal life, as well as in her many years of professional experience, she has witnessed the profound impact and the lasting pain and damage that can result from divorce. It is like a death, and many people experience similar feelings of grief and loss. As a divorce coach, she teaches you how to cope with those feelings, build resiliency, and adapt to a new way of being in the world. Reach out to Nancy today.

What is domestic violence in a marriage?

How Do You Talk to Your Spouse About Divorce?

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Hours of Operation
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